Snow Wind Farm was started with one of the largest groups of Parson Russell Terriers imported from England and dual registered with the Kennel Club of England and the American Kennel Club as of November 1, 1997. After extensive research and many trips to visit breeders in Great Britain, we imported the top lines of Parsons proven in the show ring and working arena, and as excellent family companions.

The Parson Russell is the working Fox Terrier, developed in the southwestern pennisula of England to bolt foxes for the Foxhound Packs, whose color and spectacle are a renowned part of British tradition. These Terriers were bred with as much care as were the hounds, and in the best packs, such as the Belvoir, the Brocklesby and the Beaufort; the Terriers were selected to blend in with the Foxhounds.

The Parson Russell is a harsh-coated 14-inch Fox Terrier - narrow and flexible so he can go to ground, but with sufficient bone and substance to gallop over the fields, following the hounds. He has a sensible and intelligent outlook on life, saving his aggression for his quarry - the Red Fox. Because of his intelligence, he is easily trainable. In the absence of his true work underground, he enjoys using his brain in agility, obedience, rally or flyball. Many serve the community as therapy dogs, visiting hospitals and senior citizens.
Snow Wind Farm
   Parson Russell Terriers
The Parson Russell is one of the oldest and best docuemented of the Terrier breeds, with many strains tracing back to the Terriers of Parson Russell himself. By the 1950s the breed almost went extinct, but thanks to the efforts of a few breeders, it has been preserved and is now growing in numbers. Over the past 40 years a large number of "Jack Russell type" terriers have been bred - some of whom unfortunately bear little resemblence to the Terriers bred by Parson John Russell. The genuine Parson Russell Terrier is never under 13 inches for dogs or 12 inches for bitches. He has a harsh, straight coat, narrow chest, and straight legs, and is well ribbed back with sufficient length of coupling to ensure flexibility while in the earth. Good shoulders and strength of loin enable him to gallop freely across the moors.

The true Parson was never bred to be carried in the saddle bags of the rider during a hunt; they were expected to run with the horse and hounds, trailing the fox across the Devon countryside. When the fox went to ground, it was the Terriers' job to bay and bolt the fox so that the chase could continue.
BISS CH. Brillwood Dress Blues pictured here has the type of movement and outline that is described above. "Mickey" is 14.5 inches tall with an off-square outline. He has the length of back to allow good flexibility under the earth and sufficient length of leg to gallop freely across the countryside.