Snow Wind Farm 
Parson Russell & Border Terriers

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We always strive to give our puppies the best start possible.

For the first two weeks we let our wonderful Terrier Moms bond with their puppies, and our immediate family. 

After that our puppies are well socialized on a weekly basis with children as well as adults. We have a wonderful group of friends, family, and clients that come to the farm to visit and play with the puppies. 

The puppies are provided lots of different surfaces, play structures, tunnels, and even skate boards to climb on, and explore. We also take them on short car rides. 

Our puppies are encouraged to use a litter box from the time they are 5 weeks of age. They are raised in an indoor / outdoor enviornment with a doggie door. By the time they are 8 weeks old the majority of the puppies have mastered the doggie door and are pottying outside on the artifical grass mats.

When the puppies are 7 -8 weeks of age our Veterinarians at Central Valley Animal Hospital in Kalispell Montana exam, weigh, and thoroughly check our puppies for general health. 

All of our puppies are vaccinated once at 7 weeks of age, and they are wormed multiple times. All puppies are microchipped with an International Microchip before going to their new homes. 

All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. We provide a starter bag of food that goes home with each puppy. We exclusively feed Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult Dog Food, as well as human grade fresh ground raw chicken, Purina Flora Forta, and Vitamin C. 

At approximately 8 weeks of age our puppies are temperament tested.

At 8 1/2 to 9 weeks our puppies are ready to go to their new homes. 
If a puppy is being shipped by air outside the state of Montana they will require a health exam by a licensed veterinarian, and a written health certificate signed by that Veterinarian within 10 days of their departure. We prefer to utilize night flights, if puppies are traveling to the East Coast as those are generally easier on the puppy, and during the summer months the temperatures are lower. 

We create a custom puppy booklet for each puppy. The books contain lots of information on training, feeding, grooming, and Litter Pedigree,  Pictures of the puppies parents are included in the book as well as photos of your puppy as he, or she has grown, and matured. Your puppy booklet can either be printed, and bound or sent to you digitally as a pdf file. 

We are always here for the life of your puppy, for advice and questions that might pop up along the road to raising, and training your new companion.