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A Story from long ago....

by Mary Strom-Bernard on 04/25/12

I have had dogs all my life. My first breed as a young college graduate was two Miniature Shnauzers named Nicklaus & Nadia. Both were very spunky Terriers and full of life. My family, especially my parents were quite in love with these two little salt and pepper cyclones of energy.

My father had called that day to ask that I deliver some papers to him that he had left at home. So I scooped up Nadia who was always at my feet and drove over to my father’s office which was then located in a two story brick building in North East Portland. It was a typical rainy Portland day and I left Nadia in the car while I went into my father’s office and up the stairs to his office. He was in a meeting with my uncle though as soon as I entered the room he asked: "So did you bring the dogs with you?" I told him that I had only brought Nadia and that she was still in the car. At which point my father said: "Oh just bring her inside, she knows the way up to my office" I warned my father that Nadia is very excitable and after all he was dressed in a business suit and did he really want her jumping into his lap with four wet little feet? He said: "Oh just bring her in.

I went down the stairs and out to my car and Nadia jumped into my arms. I carried her over to the office door not to get her feet wet and since she did know her way around the office I put her on the floor just inside the office door. Nadia took one quick look around and bolted up the stairs at a full run. I quickly ran up the stairs two by two thinking that Nadia at full speed might be a bit of a shock to my father.

I got inside the door of my father’s office just in time to see Nadia leap into his lap and pee all over him because she was so excited to see him. My uncle thought this was hysterical and the look on my father’s face was one of total shock and he was speechless. His lovely 3 piece suit was now soaked; but little Nadia was so pleased to see my father, all licks and kisses.

I gathered up Nadia and told my father I would run home and get him a new suit for the rest of his day. As I left the office my uncle was still chuckling over what had just happened. I was also very sure that this story would be retold on many different occasions.

So be careful what you wish for.......little puppy Terriers can be unpredictable and very excitable. Taking the dog out for a quick walk after a car ride is probably a good idea too!


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1. Connie Harvey said on 4/26/12 - 04:36AM
That is the cutest story!!! It made me laugh out loud, and I totally agree about cute, little, excitable Terrier pups!!!!! :O)

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